Construction Paper Animation

Julian, a stop motion animator from Mainz, Germany has recently released “camPING” – a musical camping number built usin construction paper and tiny, well-placed LED light bulbs (you’ll see). Everything about this work fits: the colours, the textures, the pace and of course the wonderful music.

camPING from julian on Vimeo.

The video quality from Vimeo is superb, I recommend you go full screen for the best viewing experience.

Evolution of Dance with Optimus Prime

A shout out to animator Patrick Boivin, my favourite stop-motion-guy-from-Montreal-who-animates-dancing-robots. In addition to the obvious craft he displays (especially his character work) and the fact he’s prolific, I found this quote of his personallly inspiring:

“Since I didn’t go to film school, nobody told me I wasn’t supposed to do everything.”

Man, I’m so glad you did it all!

Animating with Sticky Notes

Ah, sticky notes. I both love and hate the things. I love them for being external reminders and for freeing up precious brain cycles. But it didn’t take long before I developed a particular blindness to bright yellow squares. They became like negative space; I simply no longer saw them.

Then I watched the following animated shorts and learned to see sticky notes anew.

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Tee of the Week

From January 1, 2009 to July 1, 2009 I drew and posted a new tee shirt design each and every Saturday. As personal projects go, this one was for me quite a challenge: prior to this the only creative output in my life was my day job (which was the direct antecedent to me wanting to be intentionally creative in my personal life). My goal was to get back into my own creative headspace and so I picked up my childhood interests of robots, monsters and related scifi goodness.

So here’s the stack of drawings. Some are even immediately available on tees. Enjoy!

The Accidental Creative Manifesto


If you work in a creative capacity then you know first hand that you must create on demand. While at work you are paid to never be in the ‘off’ position. You also know that ‘always on’ is clearly an artificial state and that, without building intentionality  into your life, you will quickly run aground. The following is precisely for you.

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Greetings Fellow Earthicans


It’s time to hang up the tee. Having created a new tee design every Saturday for six months, I have met the best success anyone could ever meet: the fact that I did it.

“Tee of the Week” was fun, it was challenging, it was easy and it was hard. And now it’s time to give myself a break.

The current plan is to take July and August off, get some studio renovations started before winter sets in and enjoy the summer. Perhaps read a book (which I haven’t done yet this year) or cut the grass (which I also haven’t done much of…).

For those who have been enjoying the desktop calendars, I think I could be convinced to continue those for the remainder of 2009. But you gotta let me know – leave a comment below!

Hope you got a few laughs from my work and thank you for visiting every week,


PS – Don’t think for a moment this is the end of The urge to create will keep me busy and new projects are bound to spring up. There are still a bunch of tee designs I need to wrap up (both in preparing print read masters for PrintFection and/or Spreadshirt) as well a few ideas that didn’t really fit with my sci-fi/monster threads.